Aquamarine Collection
Aquamarine Collection

Aquamarine Collection

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Beautiful eco jewellery, handmade using up-cycled linen clothing, stainless steel beads and Aquamarine gemstones.
  • Up-cycled pure linen
  • High quality metal beads
  • Simple locking magnetic clasp
  • 100% natural cotton fill
  • 10% donated to the Sea Turtle Foundation
Small: 18cm (7 inches)
Standard: 20cm (7.8 inches)
Large: 22cm (8.6 inches)
For small spots hand wash gently using cold water and mild detergent. Hang and allow it to air dry completely. For major stains dry cleaning is recommended.

10% of every purchase of the Aquamarine collection will be donated to The Sea Turtle Foundation as part of World Sea Turtle Day, 16th of June. Purchase a unique piece of eco-friendly jewellery and help save the reef.  Read more...